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Some said it couldn't be done, others asked why? We said, "Why not?"  Just because something looks too big to precast doesn't mean it is.  Give our engineers a chance to look it over.  By going with precast you can spend less time on the job and be sure the structure was made in factory conditions with the highest quality control measures in place.  Just take a look at these Stop Log structures weighing in at as much as 98,000 pounds.  They were made at our facility in Kansas City and shipped to a power plant in Pehlam, NE.   If you have something you think is too big, too tall or too heavy, let us know.


Watch out for that falling rock!


It looks like you could use a retaining wall.  Well look no further because we have several types for you to choose from.  No matter what size or shape your wall needs to be, a precast retaining wall can be quickly installed by a professional contractor.  Are you worried about what it will look like? Stop your worrying because anything is possible.  From the plainest to the most intricate rock facing everything is available.  You can continue to put up the "Caution Mudslides" or "Beware of falling Rock" signs but wouldn't it look nicer and be safer with a retaining wall instead?  We think so too. So please contact us with any questions.


Check this out!

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