Relationships are the heart of Pretech Corporation’s growth and success.

Bill Bundschuh knows the precast concrete industry is a competitive place. But he also knows nobody will beat his company at cultivating and maintaining relationships, which has fueled Pretech Corporation for the past 26 years.

Hello! Welcome to Pretech Precast Concrete Technologies

PRETECH Corporation is a locally owned, family run business in Kansas City that has been providing quality and cost effective precast concrete products for a wide range of industries since 1993.


Pretech Corporation manufactures sanitary manholes in sizes from 48" ID on up. We carry a wide variety cast-iron rings & covers. We also stock joint mastic, wrap, manhole steps, adjustment rings and most anything needed for sanitary systems.


In addition to manufacturing a variety of storm manholes, Pretech Corporation also manufactures storm inlets. Our controlled manufacturing environment, along with our on-site testing facility, assures exact specifications are continuously met.


Pretech Corporation manufactures a variety of utility vaults and manholes. Our standard structures are available with many different flare configurations and almost any size duct terminator or opening. We provide on-site inspection to plan delivery and installation.

Specialty Structures

In addition to it's standard line of products, Pretech Corporation manufactures a wide variety of custom items. Our in-house engineers will work with you to design a structure that meets your specific needs.

Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Pretech Corporation produces pipe on the most automated drycast machine in the industry. The reinforcing is manufactured on-site with a computer controlled welder.

Box Culvert

Pretech Corporation engineers can work with other professionals and engineering firms to design environmentally friendly storm systems.

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